Welcome to our website www.lesculottescoquines.com (hereinafter the “website”).
This privacy policy provides you with all information that is useful for understanding how we collect and use the information identifying users of the website and illustrates the purpose and processing methods used by the data controller to process personal data. please read our privacy policy carefully, as it applies every time a user browses the pages of the website www.lesculottescoquines.com, regardless of whether the same decides to take advantage of the services proposed by the same and/or purchase any of the displayed products. these guidelines shall be regarded as an integral part of the website’s general user conditions as they provide information on privacy and the security systems adopted by the website.
The owner and controller of the data processed by this website is les culottes coquines sa, with registered office in via in muntagna 50, 6528 camorino, swiss. tax id and vat registration 08197490967 (hereinafter “les culottes coquines”). les culottes coquines”independently decides on the purposes and methods of the processing, as well as on the security procedures to be applied to guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

Pursuant to art. 13 of the privacy code, the personal data you provide when registering to the website, or otherwise acquired when contacting les culottes coquines, will be processed for the purposes relating to the sale of goods through the website or by adding your name to our newsletter list or to our client database. after registering to the website, we could send you e-mails relating to services similar to those we already provided, pursuant to art. 130, paragraph 4 of the privacy code. you may object to receiving such e-mails sent at any time by simply unsubscribing from our mailing list. if you grant your consent, your personal data could be used for sending information and commercial offers also by third parties to whom les culottes coquines communicated your personal data (for registered users only). furthermore, with your authorization, your data could be used to collect general and specific data and information on your shopping tendencies and/or preferences (for registered users only)

The holder of the data collected through this site is les culottes coquines. les culottes coquines independently establishes the purposes and methods of the personal data processing, as well as the safety procedures to be applied to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data of visitors who access and browse the web site (hereinafter the “users” and, in the singular, the “user”).

Les culottes coquines’s managing director is the person in charge of controlling the personal data and guarantees our visitors the full respect of the privacy and data security rules.

Visiting or buying through the website may require the processing of certain personal data.
Personal data are collected by les culottes coquines in accordance with the terms provided by privacy code, with respect to the minimum security standards (artt. 33-34) and its treatment by means of computer (art. 35), manual and automated tools, in order to achieve the above indicated purposes and to guarantee the privacy and security of your data.
Les culottes coquines’s processing of personal data could be optional or mandatory for the purposes above written. the possible refusal to communicate to les culottes coquines mandatory information containing personal data could prevent les culottes coquines from achieving the indicated purposes, such as finalizing the sale of the website products or providing other services available through the website (support services – mailing etc.).

You always have the right to request and obtain information from les culottes coquines on the methods of data distribution, on the origin of personal data, on the purposes and methods of processing personal data, on the logic applied in case of processing with the aid of electronic instruments, on the identity of the holder or of potential and additional controllers, as well as on the subjects or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated as in charge of controlling personal data.
You will also have a permanent right to obtain from les culottes coquines:
a) the update, rectification and integration of your personal data;
b) the cancellation or blocking of unlawfully processed data, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
to ensure that your personal data are always accurate, current, relevant and complete, you are requested to report to les culottes coquines any subsequent variations through the mail address shop@ lesculottescoquines.com.
You may, in any case, oppose, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data if you prove the presence and soundness of legitimate reasons to object.
You may also object to the processing of your personal data concerning if these are used for sending advertising material or for carrying out market research or commercial communication. however, article 130, paragraph 4, of the privacy code states that personal data can be used for the promotion and sale of products similar to those already purchased, without the need to acquire an express agreement and except for the case where the user has expressly denied the right to use the email address provided for this purpose.
The processing of personal data is also subject to the new rules of simplification of data’s processing for administrative and accounting purposes, content in the provision of the guarantor of 19th may 2008. according to this provision, the user’s postal address can be used to send along with administrative and accounting documents also advertising about products similar to those already purchased, increasingly on condition that the user has not expressly refused such use.
the right to object to the use for commercial and promotional purposes of your postal address and email address may be exercised by writing to les culottes coquines which undertakes to give a prompt feedback.
the information set out above constitutes the minimum content which by law must be provided to users. for further information please read the whole privacy policy hereby.

Les culottes coquines is committed to:
a. process personal data exclusively for the purposes and in the manner specified in the notice presented time of its collection;
b. use the data for other purposes than those for which the data were specifically provided only with the user’s express consent;
c. share data with third parties only for purposes that provide the requested service and as part of a nomination to the controller;
d. not communicate the data, assign or transfer it to third parties for purposes of the latter without the user has been informed and has given his consent;
e. answer all requests for cancellation, variation and integration of personal data, opposition to data processing for the purpose of sending commercial information and advertising;
f. ensure proper and lawful management of data, protecting users’ privacy and implementing appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data provided.

The users’ personal data is mostly processed electronically by les culottes coquines and other parties carefully selected for their reliability and competence. such third parties carry out operations to achieve the data processing purposes strictly related to use of the web site and the sale of products through the web site (see next paragraph “parties who may process your personal data”).
The specific purposes of the processing are summarized from time to time in the information that, pursuant to art. 13 of the privacy code, is necessarily presented to the users releasing their personal information.
By way of example, but not limited to, personal data may be processed in the following cases:
a. registration on the website, in order to use its services;
b. request additional specific services, such as our newsletter, and other similar information bulletins about our activities;
c. fulfillment of orders and related activities;
d. payment processing;
e. handling technical and commercial requests on the progress of your orders and requests for information in a broad sense;
f. contacting our employees;
g. sending c.v.’s to apply for open work positions.
in processing the users’ personal data les culottes coquines undertakes to respect the principle of strict necessity, and therefore excludes the personal data processing where the objectives pursued can also be achieved by using anonymous data (such as, for example, in market research aimed at improving services).
Your data will be disclosed to third parties only with your consent, except in cases where communication is required by law or where the consent is not required; in such cases, the data may be made available to third parties who will process them independently and exclusively for such purposes (e.g., in the case of request made by the police or by the courts or other competent authorities, or to perform obligations arising by the contract).
Any other processing purposes different from those for which you provided your personal data, will be highlighted in this form and will be processed by les culottes coquines only after obtaining your express consent (which may happen, for example, in case of customer profiling based on purchase’s preferences and habits).
There are, however, certain data processing for which the current legislation provides for the exclusion of consent: for example, we inform you that les culottes coquines can process your personal data without your consent when this is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation or when it is necessary to give effect to the obligations assumed by contract (for example, if you have bought our products or if you have requested specific services through the website).
We also inform you that your personal data will not be transferred abroad to countries which are not member of the e.u. and which do not provide a sufficient level of privacy protection. in case this is necessary to provide you the services or to undertake a contract with les culottes coquines for the purchase of products, we ensure that the transfer of personal data to countries that do not belong to the european union and which do not ensure an adequate level of protection, will be executed only after les culottes coquines has signed specific agreements with such entities in accordance with law and applicable regulations.
It may happen that les culottes coquines processes personal data of third parties which have been communicated to les culottes coquines directly by its users, for example if the user has purchased a product to be sent to a friend or if the person who pays for the product’s purchase is different from the person to whom the product is intended.
In these cases, les culottes coquines will make sure to deliver to the third person the information pursuant to art. 13 of the privacy code as soon as he records his personal data in our archive. however, it is your responsibility to obtain the consent of this third person before he communicates his data to les culottes coquines and to inform him about this privacy policy, because you are the only person in charge of communicating information and data to third parties without their consent and for their possible ufair use or contrary to law.
We inform you that the consent of these persons is not required when their data is communicated to les culottes coquines for the signature of this agreement with les culottes coquines, in favor of the third parties.
Les culottes coquines reserves the right to delete accounts and all related data in case of illegal contents, harmful to the image of les culottes coquines and/or its products or third parties’ image, or otherwise offensive or that promote illegal, defamatory or pornographic activities, or that incite violence, promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion and sexual orientation.

Les culottes coquines adopts the necessary security measures in order to minimize the risk of destruction or loss – even accidental – of unauthorized access or of not allowed processing or not in accordance with the purposes of collection of users’ personal data.
However, les culottes coquines cannot guarantee to its users that the security measures of the webite and the data transmission are able to limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or of data’s dispersion by user’s devices resulting from, for example, not appropriate software for the protection of data’s transmission in internet both incoming and outgoing (such as updated antivirus systems).

The web site may contain links to other web sites that may not have any connection with les culottes coquines. the les culottes coquines’s privacy policy does not apply to third parties websites.
Les culottes coquines does neither control nor monitor such web sites or their content. as a result , les culottes coquines cannot be responsible for the content and rules of such sites, also with regard to privacy and processing of personal data during your navigation operations. such links do not imply any recommendation or report from les culottes coquines, or any guarantee of their contents, services or goods.
10. contacts
you may request to les culottes coquines more information on how we treat your personal information upon written request to the address shop@ lesculottescoquines.com email.
If you want to know your rights and any amendments to the legislation concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you may want to visit the website of the guarantor for the protection of personal data (www.garanteprivacy.it).

This privacy policy is governed by swiss law and in particular by the code regarding the protection of personal data which regulates the processing of personal data – also held overseas – carried out by anyone who resides or it is based in swiss.
The code ensures that the processing of personal data will be in respect of human rights and freedoms and dignity of persons, with particular reference to privacy, your personal identity and the right to personal data protection.

Les culottes coquines may amend or simply update all or part of this privacy policy, also in consideration of amendments in the laws and regulations that govern and protect personal data and the rights of users. amendments and updates to the privacy policy will be notified to users on the website’s home page and will be binding once posted on the website.